Important Notices

If you would like a copy of our forthcoming property auction catalogue then please complete and submit the form below. Alternatively, view the lots available at our next auction online or register your interest to receive auction updates.

A. Prior to Bidding

  • You will be deemed to have read and understood the Conditions of Sale, which are included toward the back of this catalogue and the Special Conditions of Sale, which are available from the auctioneers.
  • Please verify any accommodation, dimensions and areas relating to properties upon which you intend to bid. All dimensions and areas mentioned in this catalogue are approximate and for guidance only.
  • Please consult with professional legal and property advisers prior to bidding.
  • You will be deemed to have inspected the relevant property and made all useful and necessary searches and enquiries with all relevant authorities.
  • Prospective purchasers are advised to check the special and general conditions of sale on each property so that they are aware of any additional costs.
  • All viewings are at the discretion of the vendor and/or their agents. Viewings start at the scheduled times for approx 20-30 minutes, the representative cannot wait for latecomers. Viewers should check the availability of properties prior to commencing their journey. Harman Healy will not be responsible for any abortive costs. Viewings are undertaken at the risk of prospective buyers, neither Harman Healy, our clients or the local agent take responsibility for any accidents, losses or injury incurred whilst viewing the property.
  • You will be deemed to have read and understood the legal pack relating to properties upon which you intend to bid. Legal packs are available from the auctioneers, supplied by the vendors solicitors.
  • Where appropriate, please arrange for a structural survey by a qualified building surveyor. No representation or warranty is made or intended, either in this catalogue or through any other means, by the auctioneers regarding any aspect of the property to be offered.
  • Any plans and photographs published in the catalogue are for your convenience only and do not form part of any contract. This also applies to any arrows on photographs or plans.
  • Guide prices are provided as an indication of the seller’s current minimum acceptable price at auction. They are not necessarily figures that a property will sell for, and may change at any time prior to the auction. The guide price may not be the minimum sale price, which can be higher or lower.

    The reserve price is the minimum acceptable price under the hammer, which remains confidential, and may change at any time prior to the auction. Unless otherwise stated, each property will be sold subject to a reserve. The reserve is expected to be set no more than 10% above a fixed figure guide price, or within a guide price range.
  • We do our best to bring to your attention all matters that affect the value of the properties offered. However, we cannot be held responsible for matters beyond our knowledge. Therefore, you must make and rely upon your own investigations. You must not infer that our silence on a matter means that said matter must not exist.
  • The auctioneers cannot be held responsible for the fact that some lots may be withdrawn or sold prior to the auction. Prior to setting out for the auction, you should check that the properties you intend to bid for will still be offered that day.
  • Where we are selling on behalf of mortgagees in possession, the original vendors or third parties were not necessarily available to verify the condition of the structure and fittings. You are deemed to have made your own inspection and to satisfy yourself as to the condition of the property as no warranty can be given, nor responsibility accepted.

B. At the Auction

  • Copies of the legal packs, as supplied by the vendors' solicitors, will be available for perusal at the auction. We make no warranty as to the completeness or correctness of any legal pack on display. We recommend that you verify the content of the legal pack with the respective solicitor.
  • You will be deemed to have read and understood the addendum, which the auctioneers will publish on the morning of the auction. Any addenda will form part of the sale contract.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all properties will be offered subject to a reserve price, which will not normally be disclosed.
  • We reserve the right to regulate the bidding and to refuse any bid without being required to explain why.
  • You will be the purchaser if you are the final bidder, subject to the reserve price being met or exceeded, prior to the fall of the auctioneer's hammer. No bids can be accepted, nor may a successful bid be retracted, after the fall of the hammer.
  • On properties where there is a reserve, we reserve the right to bid on behalf of the vendor or his agent.
  • If you want your bid to be accepted, it is your responsibility to attract the attention of the auctioneer. The onus is upon you for the auctioneer to see your bid. Do not leave your bid until too late.
  • If you are the final bidder upon the fall of the auctioneer's hammer, you must immediately present to the auctioneer's clerk:
    • Your name and address
    • Verification of your identity, and place of residency as outlined on the money laundering page in the catalogue.
    • An acceptable cheque or bank draft for the deposit (see below but also please check the Special Conditions of Sale for any variation)
    • A letter of authority on company letterhead if you are buying on behalf of a company.

    You will sign and exchange the auction contract prior to leaving the auction room. Failure to do so may result in the property being re-offered.

  • We are unable to accept payment of the deposit in any other form than cheque or bank draft. Cash, debit and credit cards are unacceptable.
  • The deposit will be the highest of 10% of the purchase price or £2,000. The deposit is payable by cheque or bank draft in favour of Harman Healy Client Account. We require a separate deposit cheque for each property purchased.
  • If you want to make a telephone or proxy bid you must supply us with all necessary documentation together with a deposit at least 48 hours before the auction.
  • We special-clear all cheques received. Please ensure that there are sufficient funds within the relevant account to cover the amount of the deposit. There is no defence in law against a "bounced" or "stopped" cheque.
  • You will be held personally responsible and liable upon making an accepted bid even though you may purport to act as an agent for a principal and even if they purport to ascribe to you representative capacity, so that your liability under the contract shall be joint and several.
  • If you are bidding by telephone or proxy, the auctioneers will not be held responsible for unclear or incomplete instructions or authorisations.
  • In the event of there being a dispute in respect of the highest bid, the auctioneers may re-offer the property.
  • You will be required to pay us an administrative charge of £1,000 Inc VAT upon exchange of contracts.

C. After the Auction

  • If you were an underbidder, we recommend you inform us of this fact.
  • We reserve the right to re-offer a property in the event that the above notices are not adhered to.
  • The purchaser will not be granted access to the property until after completion of the sale.
  • Please note that any sitex security shuttering will not form part of the sale and therefore the purchaser will have to make their own arrangements.

Please Note:

An administration charge of £1,000 inc VAT is applicable upon exchange of contracts